Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is a purse hanger?

A purse hanger is an alternative place to hang your purse. It is a product that encourages safety and aids in the prevention of spreading germs.

2.   Why do I need a purse hanger?

Many studies show that thousands of germs found on the bottom of a purse can be quickly and unknowingly transferred from one area to another.  Among these germs are bacteria that can cause diarrhea, spread the flu virus. Wherever your purse goes, you go…and the germs at the bottom of your purse follow.  So it is important for women to take precautions and protect themselves and those around them.

3.   How do I use a purse hanger?

When dining out, or at any sit down event, you place the hanger on your table securely and you hang your purse straps from it. It will be in front of you, near your legs where you can see it.  And it will be off of the floor, so that you do not collect thousands of germs that have been known to cause illnesses.

4.   Can I find a purse hanger to suit my unique style?

Yes. Pursonal Hangups purse hangers come in many different styles.  Our variety includes hangers with jewel-tones and precious metals, including custom and purse hangers with a picture holder feature so you will always have the one you love nearby. All are feminine and sophisticated, so that women of all ages can encourage safety while remaining stylish.

5.   What is a key finder?

A key finder is a decorative key holder that has two functions: 1) to hook your keys onto your purse so that you can find them quickly; and 2) to decorate your purse with a fashionable design. The best thing about a key finder is that your keys are hidden inside your purse and no will know that the decorate part outside your purse is removable.  And it’s a lovely enhancement that encourages safety because you are never wasting time around in the dark or light looking for your keys.

6.   How long will it take to receive my order?

If the products you order are in stock, they will ship by USPS in 2 business days. Otherwise, for those out-of-stock items, please allow 3 – 4 weeks to receive your order. We do encourage you to order more than one item, because your friends will be delighted and may not want to wait for you to place your next order.

7.   Do you offer free shipping?

We offer FREE shipping on all orders of $50.00 (fifty US dollars) or more!  Our affordable purse hangers are suitable for all ages, so purchasing enough for friends and family won’t break your gift giving budget.

8.   What is your return policy?

While returns are rare due to our many repeat-satisfied customers, it is our policy to offer a refund on any item purchased that has confirmed manufacturer defects. If this happens, expect a 4-6 week time frame in receiving your exchange to allow for our review of the damage and find a similarly valued replacement. Also mail delays may occur, and in this case we will be not held responsible for these unexpected and unpredictable delays.

9.   How do I place my order?

Click here to visit our store. We are continually adding to our stock, so be sure to check back often for the latest styles!