Acrylic Charm Living Lockets


A locket is a pendant that opens, or transparently reveals a space used for storing a photograph or other small items such as personal charms. Lockets are excellent gifts for loved ones on holidays such as Valentine’s Day and occasions such as Christenings, weddings, showers and any celebration.

Our lockets come in many shapes such as ovals, hearts and circles and are available in high-quality, durable stainless steel, alloy or acrylic, befitting their status as decorative jewelry.

Use your memory lockets to hold a special photographs or keepsakes. Show them off in a glass pane at the front of the lock so that what is inside can be seen without opening the locket. Such living lockets are generally used for items like charms. Below, you can browse our inventory of charm lockets.

Acrylic Lockets are great for children! Available in blues, pinks, purple and whites. Browse acrylic charm lockets with or without CZ’s

acrylic charm living lockets