About Us

Pursonal Hangups helps women of all ages securely “hang-up” their purse while out dining or at other sit-down events. By doing this, we are aiding in the prevention of spreading germs that can be collected from the bottom of their purses.  And we’re not just talking about few germs, we’re talking about thousands of germs that can be collected on the bottom of a purse, and then transferred from one location to another.  If these were harmless bacteria, then there would be no issue.  But studies show that the bacteria found on the bottom of women’s purses include those that cause inconvenient and potentially harmful illnesses such as skin infections, diarrhea and the spread of the flu virus.

Our key finders also promote safety because they help women everywhere find their keys fast. They save time by eliminating the five minute key hunt that sometimes stricken even the most organized women around! And we all know that many sets of keys have dropped to the bottomless pit of a purse. Your solution to remaining chic and safe is the key finder.

Knowledge is the first step to prevention. Our goal is to educate all women by providing a solution in a form of our products. It is the fun and feminine way to hang your purse and keys that is also affordable and appropriate for women of all ages. We invite you to fight back and encourage safety while maintaining your feminine style with one of our fabulous and functional purse hangers and key finders.

We’re proud to lead the way in fun and creative gifts for women, including: Forever in My Heart floating charms, Origami Owl compatible floating charms and lockets, bracelets and more all under one roof!

DISCLAIMER: While it is our sincere goal to educate women on the safety of securing their purse while dining and in aiding in the prevention of spreading germs that are collected on the bottom of their purses, we are in no way held liable for any damages due to loss or illness. We stand by our belief that it is always best to place your bag off of the floor, securely in view, and in a sophisticated manner that represents your feminine style.