Satisfied customers speak out!

Pursonal Hangups enjoys providing women all over the world with safer, alternative ways to hang their purse and find their keys. Learn what some of what our thrilled customers had to say about our quality products.

I just love my purse hanger from Pursonal Hangups. I used to set my purse on the floor—and this is a very nasty place. Now, the bottom of my purse stays clean. -B.F.

Every time I use my purse hanger from Pursonal Hangups, somebody mentions what a brilliant idea it is! They immediately know what it is for and asks, ‘Where can I get one? Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? -J.R.

There are always women in my life who were very hard to shop for, but not anymore! Pursonal Hangups purse hangers and key finders are fashionable, practical, and can be personalized for any occasion or personality. I love that! They won’t break your budget either. You just can’t go wrong with these! -J.S.